About Meg McCann:

Meg McCann BSN, MBA, AmSAT

After gaining great personal benefit from Alexander Technique lessons, Meg used her love of learning and personal development to train as an Alexander Technique teacher. Meg uses the Alexander Technique to help others undo the negative impacts of muscular tension. She’s able to bring ease to the student through the release of unconscious holding in the body. Frequently this ease will enable a reduction of pain, be it back, neck, joint or other physical presentation. Others find the release of tension enhances their functioning in sports or musical performance.

Beginning her career as an ICU nurse, the physical strain of working with patients and being on her feet for 12 hours a day was something that required daily management. After obtaining an MBA Meg worked as a Finance Manager at P&G where her hours were spent sitting (frequently in front of a computer) for most of her work hours. Both careers are known to have significantly negative impacts on the body. Through Alexander Technique she learned how to be more aware of her body’s needs and to maintain healthy, pain-free living.

Meg lives in the Cincinnati area where she serves as Chair for the Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Sciences Board of Trustees. She is active in her faith community, volunteering and playing keyboard for worship. As a mother she loves working with her son, who, as an athlete, benefits from tension-free movement. Meg also believes that personal growth, learning and compassion are key for the society as a whole.

“I trust in the notion that when a person in a system changes, the system itself changes. As I change my habits, including habits of thought, I can create change around me – in my family, church, workplace and, society.”